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The mind behind the words.

Born and raised in Colorado, I spent my most formative years living off-grid in the rural Rocky Mountains. From age eight to 19, the remote location and unusual living circumstances left me with many quiet hours to build, ponder, write, and amble through the wilderness, gaining a sense of mastery and freedom that too few girls have the opportunity to know at that age. While punctuated with significant hardships and tragedies, these years were foundational to building the woman, writer, and person I would one day become.

My sense of adventure and confidence in the world served me well the first time a lived abroad, in the country of Samoa. It was in Samoa that I was given the name 'Sika', which when written formally is 'Sita'. During those first months abroad, reeling and questioning the foundations of all that I had learned up to that point, I came to understand the elemental power of being 'lost' and the importance it has in the process of transcendence.


It is for this reason that I took on the "Lost Sita" identity as a writer.

Today, I am an entrepreneur who provides professional capacity-building and grant writing services to nonprofits and NGOs. The stories and poems I post here are the writing I do for myself and for others who seek to explore the beauty and banality of the human condition. ​


May you enjoy...and may you find what you're seeking.

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